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Clockworx is a human resource management online solutions for the data entry, information, and monitoring needs of the HR. It also manages payroll and attendance of employees.

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Highlighted Features

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Multiple Login

Clockworx supports different login methods like web bundy (virtual time-in and out), QR code scanning, and facial recognition attendance (SOON!).

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Clockworx manages leave submissions- from sick leave, vacation leave, and for other custom/company specific leaves.

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Manage your employee’s overtime filing and record their total overtime hours!

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Manage how your employees record their hours across different clients and different shifts!

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Approve, keep track, and update employee loans status.

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Taxes and Benefits

Taxes and Benefits like SSS and Philhealth are specifically configured for the Philippine setting.

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Generate and send payslips to your employees!

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Clockworx allows management to send disciplinary actions and memos, as discreetly as possible to concerned individuals.

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SOON!Employee Records

Securely store and update different employee record forms like Form 201 and Form 2316.

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SOON!Employee Exit

Help manage and arrange for an employee’s exit by generating final pay and bonus/benefits.